Facebook has ruined birthdays for those of us who prided ourselves on remembering them.  Now I get no credit for remembering anymore as it’s assumed I only recall because FB told me, when in actuality, my annual calendar reminder (or my memory) did the reminding!  Perhaps I should start to wish ‘Happy Birthday Eve!’ to my friends whose anniversary of birth I remember without the help of FB.

I do admit that clearly I don’t remember every one’s special day, but usually it’s those with whom I’m not as close. In those cases, it’s nice to send them a birthday wish, as oftentimes the receiver says it’s great to hear from those most unexpected.

Facebook: I heart you for a lot of reasons, but not for this one.  Thanks to my dad and his habit of sending birthday cards religiously, I adopted the habit, too.  FB just allows me to be lazier about it (or to fall for the tricks of those who post fake birthdays and confuse me and my good intentions).

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  1. Haha, some of us thank our lucky stars for Facebook Birthday reminders…avoids some potentially awkward convos.

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