Blind Dates

Courageously, a friend of mine went on a blind date. We were volunteering at a Human Rights Campaign fund raiser and as we joke about the fact that she’ll never meet a straight man at such an event, in walks one such un-eligible male who decides he wants to set her up.

Always ready for a good time, or a good story, she went on the date. Next day I got the update: “He’s a ginger”.  (For any who are not in-the-know, ginger=red-head.)

Wow! I knew people joked about this, but didn’t realize it would be that big of an obstacle. Fortunately for all you gingers out there, they went on a second date because his actual personality was stronger than his hair color. Better news for gingers, at least someone can easily identify you on a blind date!


  1. Also a proud ginger, even though according to Nat’l Geographic later this century you won’t have to worry about us anymore…we’ll be extinct. No more blind date spottings, sigh.

  2. Great point! Being 5’6″ myself and a lover of heels, dating shorter guys is typically not my MO, yet I’ve only dated those who are 5’7″. Really not an issue.

  3. As a proud day-walker, I second mr andrew.

    Also, there is a fantastic interview in the latest marie claire about this exact issue- being too picky. a new provocative book just came out suggesting us gals learn to tone down our “essential requirements” and not throw him out with the bathwater if he’s 5’6″ instead of 6’1″.

  4. As you should be. I think we should take your response and make a line of bumper stickers and t-shirts. I bet Kathy Griffin would be our spokeswoman.

  5. I’m a very proud ginger.

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