damn you hollywood!

I’ve always had a theory that chick flicks are like porn for girls.  It creates a fantasy world of illusion that results in a false sense of the reality of relationships, similar to the clouded reality that actual porn creates for viewers, left to believe that the stories are reality.

I understand the importance of fantasy in all realms of life.  What is a little disturbing is that these ‘happily ever after’ images that stop at the wedding leave we, the audience, to assume that that’s ‘the end’ and should be that way for us, as well.

How many people do you know or how many relationships have you been in which this would reflect the truth?  Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of happily married friends, but I’d imagine they’d agree that the image of riding off into the sunset on horseback (or whichever cheesy images is emoted) is far from what marriage is like.

I’m certainly not trying to be overly-cynical, but rather genuinely want to know if you all think it’s positive to portray this as a great image of hope, or instead, to stick with some of the newer and more realistic depictions coming out of tinsel town. If you haven’t seen Revolutionary Road , do.  It’s an incredibly real insight into marriage.

More so, does anyone else think it odd/ironic that hollywood paints this rosy fairy tale depiction of happily ever after, yet all the while the real life actors are divorcing at higher rates than the national average?  From whom should we be taking our advice on the subject?


  1. That must feel amazing to feel like Oprah. Come try that here and tell me that I won something!

  2. The problem with Hollywood escapism- in this case- is that it propagates the myth that getting married is the end of the journey, when in fact, it is only the beginning.

    I felt like Oprah writing that. Weird.

  3. have you seen 500 Days of Summer? also a great, realistic portrayal of relationships…minus the dance montage (also, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is yummy)

  4. Hey D, I’m no expert (I’ve been married less than 6 mos!) but is it possible that these realities are not mutually exclusive? Some moments you feel like the happiest and luckiest people in the world and sometimes you feel as challenged as you would on a traipse down Revolutionary Road? Sometimes I think, while we can maybe only bear, bear witness to and understand our own nuanced complexity of relationship issues, we can all find a short-term, sugar-high-esque sense of hope in the fluff?

  5. I’ll go to Rome with you, but not to find a fairy-tale ending.

  6. This is so true. I went and saw When in Rome over the weekend and left the theater with a new found urge to go to Rome and pick coins out of fountains. Perhaps not completely rational but the movie really made me feel like the fairy tale ending reflected in the movie was possible. Alas, no trips to Rome are actually planned in my near future.

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