I’m getting a lot of flack from my male friends that the post on how to be more direct when asking people out was a calculated ploy to get me more dates.  To that I say: I wish I had thought of that beforehand, but in all honesty, I was writing off-the-cuff (as always) and had no underlying motive.  If anything, it was simply to lament BS ways that people seem to approach women.

As a result, a few things have happened.  Many females have told me they feel equally dissatisfied.  In equal measure, my straight guy friends are complaining that I’m asking for too much. They’re also telling me that if a guy suggests we hang out and I’m not sure of his intentions, 99% of the time, he wants to go on a date.

I struggle with accepting that since I’ve always had a lot of guy friends, and haven’t dated any of them.

I’ve also been asked at length if that post did result in my getting asked out more, which I have to admit it did.  But, I can also say it stirred the pot.  Some of the asking came off as a joke in response to my musings.  Others (who clearly didn’t read the post or who didn’t read thoroughly) came at me over Facebook or text, thus re-enforcing my annoyance.

Let me just say this, particularly to the guys who are giving me hell for having issue with how guys ask me/girls out.  Being that I’ve been justified by the feelings of other female readers, wouldn’t it behoove you to take some stock in what I’m saying, regardless of if you agree or like it?  If there are a groups of females who aren’t fans of your current ‘approaches’, aren’t I doing you a small favor by letting you into our twisted psyches to know for what we’re looking?

Just saying.

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  1. Well said!

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