Today marks the four year anniversary of my being a homeowner.  Four years ago today, I thought I was making  savvy purchase of a new home at many thousands of dollars below the ‘asking’ price.  Today, I know better, that the ‘asking price’ in 2007  was nowhere near where it is today, or where it was a year later, for that matter.

But, this post’s purpose is not to complain about the real estate market, but rather to reflect on the fact that one or two generations ago, my choice to purchase a home as a single female at the age of 23 was not standard.  The norm was generally to marry, and then buy a home as a couple.

For me, and for many of my friends and peers, that’s no longer the reality. We’ve chosen to create a ‘home’ on our own, or perhaps even with someone, but not always a spouse.  So, what I did and what many of us are doing today is basically backwards from the examples of our predecessors.

What I find a bit funny is the lessons we’re taught and told to believe that I’ve single-handedly watch crumble before me in my short adult life, primarily that buying a home is always a good investment.  What I’ve learned from being a homeowner more than any other decision to date, is that hindsight is certainly 20/20, and more so, that you can only expect of yourself to make the best decisions you can with the information you have available to you at that given time.

I’ve been called a ‘cautionary tale of homeownership’ by friends (due to purchase at the peak of the market) as well as asked if I regret buying, and the only thing I can say is the above: that I made a great decision at the time, with no way of knowing the market would crash and leave me in a completely different position.

‘They’ say life is about your individual experiences and the lessons you learn, and I can say without-a-doubt, these 2,200 square feet have taught me more than I would have asked, but that’s life 😉