Resolutions. Goals. Hopes. Dreams. Wishes.

These are only a few of the words we use to describe our yearly planning for change and/or improvement come Jan. 1. I’ve spoken in the past about my deep belief in having and writing out ones goals, and more so, that I don’t believe they need to occur come a calendar year change and certainly will adapt over time if you’re really pursuing them.

A great friend sent me a couple articles today on resolutions, one pro-porting that it’s best to boil them down into three ‘themes’, each word reminding you of the deeper meaning behind it.  The other said that you should abandon your resolutions altogether, specifically pointing out not seeking out your soul mate, planning to lose weight, or focusing on positive thinking.

I’m adopting a little of each.  I dislike the word ‘resolution’ as it tends to coincide with failing to keep it.  I favor goal planning.  But, I do like what the first author said about creating themes.  Without going into too much detail, I can share that those that were swimming in my head before reading his article were success, love, and calm (I stole his adjective).

Do you even remember your resolutions from 2010?  I remember my goals because I wrote them down and edited them both throughout the year as well as again come the end of December, ready to ‘start fresh’ for 2011, as an extension of strides I’d taken to get there.  What would your three themes for 2011 be?