It appears that word of my dinky little site you all know and love is getting around.  I got an email this weekend from a new fan in D.C. (whom I do not know) who has a blog about waxing.  Fancy that, considering we Betwixters have entered into an unexpected and somewhat heated debated on the topic.  Check her out.

More so, a colleague of mine with whom I sit on a volunteer board for the Jaycees, dubbed me ‘one of the most productive people he knows’. Seriously.  Direct quote.

Both flattered and surprised, he then also mentioned he wanted me to write a blog post for him on just that…that night. I guess because he thinks I’m so ‘productive’ that shouldn’t be a problem, so a mere 30 minutes later, he had his post.  I’d imagine the topic of productivity is relevant to a lot of you, so I thought rather than just brag about how many people (2 to be exact) care about me and this blog, I’ll also go ahead and share it with you.

Hope it’s helpful and not just an ego boost for me.