oh baby.

I knew the day would come when my married friends would begin to force me into the reality that being 26 is certainly an appropriate age at which to get pregnant on purpose.  That day was today.

I’ve had a couple friends have babies, but since I went to their weddings, for whatever reason (likely a combo of distance and completely different priorities) we’ve lost touch.  So, to have this friend with whom I’ve stayed close break the news, she’s unknowingly forced me to begin to learn the ways of baby showers and appropriate questions to ask one who is pregnant.

After some basic phone chatter, I asked her, ‘So how’ve you been?’, to which she responded, ‘Well, now that the morning sickness is over, I’m great!’  And that’s how she broke the news.  My natural response: ‘Is that a joke or does that mean you’re pregnant?’.   Being a non-baby person, even though I now have a 5 month old niece, I have no idea how to ooh and aah about them.  So, I did my best to ask about nursery colors, the sex of the baby, her reaction, if it was planned… I guess that was skimming the line of ‘appropriate’, but hey, I was a bridesmaid in her wedding and I think that’s fair game.  That and the fact that for the 26 years leading up to now, everyone tries to prevent pregnancy so it’s quite a mental shift to understand that it was planned.  Better yet, I told her that by the time I have a child (if I do), hers will be old enough to babysit mine.

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of wedding protocol and etiquette, it’s time to learn about the babies!  Guess I should start getting the scoop about baby clothes sizes and what the hot new items are for newborns.  And while I’m researching, maybe  I’ll come across some sort of non-profit for young professionals trying to afford all of the above.


  1. You should know that the baby-daddy sent me the link to your blog, hence why I now feel obligated to post a reply. When said father-to-be called me last week to drop the news, my response to him: “Congratulations! You two will most certainly break the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s frattiest baby!” No, seriously, they will. On the flip side, it’s cool think that a time can come in one’s life where sex is no longer complicated by the rigors of birth control. (Maybe their kid can babysit mine too, since theirs will definitely be college aged by the time I am mature enough to actually reproduce…intentionally.


  2. she used the same line on me! sneaky girl. of course, when i saw a missed call my immediate reaction was “_____’s pregnant” – just like it is every time i see a missed call from a married friend haha. molly, i love your idea – maybe some illustrated wuthering heights? that baby’ll be mensa before it leaves the womb!

  3. Wow. ‘Childless & Chipper’, if I don’t know you and you also live in Atlanta, it sounds like we’re destined to be friends. I talk often about how I support those around me in their choices, but that by the time I (if I choose to) get married and/or have kids, there will be some serious amounts of gifts, travel, and what-have-you coming my way as recompense for that I (and clearly you) have given to date. But, as you note, perhaps many of them will no longer be in the picture. There’s always a registry so you can send the gift though (plus $20 extra in gift wrap and shipping).

  4. I’ve realized that when friends get married, our friendship changes significantly as most decisions are made as a ‘we’. When they reproduce, our friendship ends.

    Nothing against those choices, but at the point of conception, our paths, as friends, begin a course in diametrically-opposed directions.

    Social plans are dependent on baby-sitters and kids not being sick. Conversations revolve around things that, quite frankly, I prefer not to learn about. (When did circumcision and breast-feeding become suitable dinner conversation?)

    I’ve done wedding shower and vowed never again. I’ve done one baby shower. Any real friend of mine knows better than to subject me to such trauma again. I watched grown women playing a game that involved sniffing melted chocolate bars in diapers.

    I embrace the episode of Sex & the City where Carrie calculates all the engagement, wedding, baby shower gifts she’s purchased. Single people totally get shafted in that department.

    When female friends get preggers, I think we single girls should throw a “Bon Voyage Party” and call it what it is.

  5. Haha, adorable post my baby-less friend. I am also without child and happy about this. It is strange to know that our friends now want to get pregnant–it just sounds wrong. I am as clueless about baby shower gifts as I am about boyfriend gifts. I think Mommies should read great literature to their newborns just so they can hear the masters from an early age. But I have a feeling Catch 22 isn’t on eBay for babies. Share what you learn. x,m.

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