Singles Awareness Day

Today is February 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day, but lesser known as Singles Awareness Day.   To all of my fellow Betwixters who don’t get a tax write-off for being married or have someone for whom to buy teddy bears and boxes in the shape of hearts, I’m sending my Singles Awareness Day love to you.  Nothing negative to my readers who are flocking to over-crowded restaurants tonight and shopping around town for the last dozen roses you can find, but I want to shed special attention on those of us who are single, and urge you to spend today with those you do love: your friends and/or yourself 🙂


  1. which would you prefer? singles awareness day? or that trick date from several years ago?

  2. Happy Singles Awareness Day to you, D. Feel the freedom. L-o-v-e, m.

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