Ask some of my closest friends and you’ll learn that I use the phrase, “Oprah said…” or some derivation of it with the fluidity with which one uses the words I, we, the, because, and it.  So, you can imagine that Oprah’s final show being tomorrow is not something I take lightly.

Being 27 years old, Oprah’s been on air for all but two years of my life.  Good thing she waited to hit the airwaves until I was old enough to be somewhat coherent.  Needless to say, I’ve been a longtime fan, not just of her show topics that opened my eyes to world issues, hushed topics, health tips, and what should be my favorite things each year;  but also a fan of her story.  A small town girl who overcame serious adversity to become the most well known, self-made female in the world.  The most extreme rags to riches story I can imagine.  Even greater than just her huge leap in life, it’s the quality of her work that made it all the more interesting.  It seems rare that shows last so long or people remain so famous without exploits, drama, and/or dirty deeds.  For her popularity to remain so strong for being a do-gooder is something I find astounding.

I’m not sure what I’ll do after tomorrow when I’ll no longer excitedly go to my DVR after a long day and await whatever new episode I missed.  Watching her for all these years and reflecting on her legacy (which certainly is still developing), I can only hope to model myself after some of her positive traits. Let’s hope that 25 years from now, we can all look back at our lives and be proud of the work that we’ve done, too.