I can’t tell you how many times I hear friends talk about how difficult it is to make friends after college.  Either you move to a new city where you don’t know anyone and/or have one friend to piggy-back off of; you move back to your home town and get so tied up in work that friends become an after-thought; all of your friends are married or in relationships and you’re the ‘single one’ who feels left out; you’re married or in a relationship and spend most of your free time with your significant other; or, your situation is some compilation of these examples.

I’ve recently found myself to be the unofficial welcome ambassador for the city of Atlanta.  Suddenly I had a slew of friends contacting me saying, “My friend of a friend just moved to Atlanta and doesn’t know anyone. Can you meet up with him/her for coffee or drinks?”  Certainly this is harmless and well within my abilities.  The tough part is really integrating these people into any sort of normal social fold after the first encounter.  How do you take these one-off meetings and help these newbies to really make meaningful relationships?

Here’s another one I hear: I just moved back to Atlanta after a spat of leaving for a few years post college.  I work 15 hours a day and sometimes on weekends.  Most of my friends have left town or gotten married, so it’s tough to meet new people when my office is full of middle-aged parents who don’t want anything to do with me outside of work functions.  How do I expand my network without trying to make friends at a bar?

All of this to say, I decided to create a a monthly happy hour at a private club here in Atlanta for young professionals, grad students, people who want to meet new people, and/or don’t know many at all .  Tough to miss it since it’s now the banner ad at the top of this blog.  If you live in Atlanta, you’re under 40, and you’d like to catch up with me and/or meet new people, the innagural event is Thursday, March 10th, 6-8pm at the Warren.  For full details and to RSVP on the FB event page, follow the live links and see you there!

One event at a time, it’s my mission to help young Atlantans mix, connect, and enjoy (knocking off my own tag line).