You can be certain you have a friend who knows you deeply when she even knows how to appropriately prepare you for her own life-changing news.  I’ve spoken in the past about my attempts to understand all that comes along with the magnanimity of babies as my friends and peers begin to enter into this stage of life.  Either this one particular friend is a close reader of this blog (which she is) and/or she has a keen understanding as to how to relate to me since we’ve known one another for a very long time (I won’t so how long so as not to out her).

So, when this thougtful friend Gchatted me to say she felt it was a good way to let me take the news that she’s pregnant and let it sink in, I was appreciative that in a time where it should be about her and not me, she still cared enough to tell me how I’d best respond.  (Thanks friend!)

This is not to say I would not have been excited for her had she told me in person or by phone, by she was right in knowing that I’d also want to digest the information and speak with her once the shock had worn off.

From time-to-time I think about the variety of friends every person has, and how they span from loose acquaintances to those whom you understand their true inner-workings.  This was one of those reminder moments about how lucky I am to have such  a person in my life.  So mystery pregnant friend, thank you and congrats 🙂

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