Don’t you all just want a forum from time-to-time where you can bitch and gripe about something/a lot of things that are bugging you during your work day?  I’m sure you do and today is one of those days for me.

I’m a firm believer that how you treat people’s time shows a lot about the level of respect you have for him/her and/or others in general.  So, when someone cancels several meetings, only to call me this morning with 30 minutes notice to meet, then shows up 25 minutes late under the guises of signing paperwork and then backs out, I’d say that’s pretty disrespectful.  In of all places, the South, home of manners and being nice to people’s faces, I’d hope people would have more etiquette.

That really just set the precedent for a day of people taking out their issues on me because they could and just generally jerking me around.  Sigh….

Maybe we Betwixters can do our part to be on time, even early (gasp), and respect others and this resource that they can’t get back.  As much as sitting around, alone, with no book or other productive materials, is a great way for me to spend an hour, next time I’d prefer a phone conversation.

Share with us your work day drama.  I know your co-workers are tired of hearing about it, so let it all out here!