we had it right in kindergarten

Cookies, milk, a blankie, and a little sleeping pad: these are all simple things that made the early years of school so great.  What ever happened to snack and nap time?  Am I the only one who thinks that re-instituting such practices (with moderation) might be a great addition to the work day?

Fortunately for me, I work from home and could opt to do this at any given time, although I rarely do.   I must admit, I tend to snack much more than I nap, which isn’t tough since I only really nap once/month, and it always falls on a weekend or after working hours.

But, if this became normal…like siesta…then none of us would feel the social pressure to work without a break every day.  Rather than ‘acting busy’ by chatting online, trolling social media sites, or reading blogs, do what you really want to be doing by acting like kindergartners who clearly know best: napping and snacking.

I’ll kick off the movement and grab my favorite snack (pickles and diet coke), and head to my comfy, Egytian-cotton sheeted bed for a little snooze.  When I get up, you all better be doing the same (even if that means in a little ball in your cubicle).

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  1. 2:00pm every Saturday and Sunday. Best nap time ever.

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