Wedding Season

In the comedy hit, Wedding Crashers, Vince Vaughn’s character exclaims, “It’s wedding season, baby!”  While I don’t say it with quite such enthusiasm (in all fairness, I don’t say anything with that much enthusiasm), I completely know what he means.

I spent last weekend driving 7 hours to a remote island off of NC where no cars are allowed and access is only available by ferry.  For four days we drove golf carts, ate to our heart’s content, and lounged by the pool.

This weekend I take a break to get back to real life and prepare to depart again next week for a 3 day black-tie soiree in New Orleans, to celebrate the joining of an old south Indian bride to her Russian Jewish fiance’.

Week after that I will jet up to Indianapolis to discover the home of a great college friend and her wonderful dentist-to-be mate to celebrate their nuptials.

Two weeks later, it’s here in Atlanta to the ‘Fabulous Fox Theater’ to see the matrimony of a sorority sister and her beau.

A month or so after that (after a quick jaunt to Winston-Salem for a baby shower) it’s off to Asheville for the big day of a life-long friend and his beautiful bride.

This schedule requires two things: 1. a second income to fund it, and 2. the organizational skills of a top-notch administrative assistant.  Between coordinating the gift deliveries, showers, bachelorette weekends, arrivals/departures, rehearsal dinners, actual wedding festivities, and brunches, it’s amazing that I even have time to pick out something to wear to each of these events!

Weddings are a great time to travel the country, see old friends, meet the people who’ve played integral roles in the lives of those about whom you care, and be wined and dined!  It’s cool, too, to see the couple’s personality personified through the festivities.

If it’s not already clear, weddings are running my life, but I’m not complaining about it because as is evidenced, they all sound like events for which to look forward.  My dad asked me this week if I can go with our family to their place in Cabo in May 2012, to which I told him ‘please email me the dates now, or else I’ll probably be going to a wedding.’  I think you can see why.


  1. I just got my sixth invitation of the year… we’re definitely at that age. Have fun!

  2. If I’m being honest, I can say they’re not all equally as fun and/or touching as the others, but I tend not to accept an invitation to a an event to which I might want to ‘get out’. I suppose something could go awry unexpectedly, but to date (25 or so weddings and counting), so far so good!

  3. Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful friends. Are you ever disappointed by these weddings? Do you ever wish you could get out of them? Or is it always warm and moving to send your friends off into new life-journeys? I’ve only been to a few friends’ weddings and liked them a lot. I wonder, though, about obligation. m.

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