when i grow up…

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

That was the question we were all asked as kids.  Now, fast-forward to today when that question no longer excites you with unlimited potential, but rather sounds silly or perhaps scary.  It seems that as we get older, we begin to doubt, get ‘realistic’, and think those dreams were simply childish.  We let them die out at some point or usually at best, water them down.

Did you want to be a doctor? President? A firefighter?  Or if you were me, the next Cindy Crawford?  What happened along the way to allow us to lose those dreams?  In my case, it was my gene pool: about 4 inches too short and not blessed with such bone structure.  But seriously, what is it about us or our culture that encourages us to squash those hopes?  If we know this to be the inevitable case, why do we even ask the question in the first place?

When I talk about my dreams, there is a nagging sense of  ‘am I thinking too big?’.  Or, perhaps more deeply, is it that we fear the judgment and/or criticism from others as we pursue those big dreams and perhaps don’t reach them? Is it better to never shoot for the stars and have people see you fall short, or to stick with what’s within reach and safely move along in life?

Do any of your childhood dreams or recent hopes resonate so deeply within you that you might be willing to overcome the potential nay-sayers and just go for them?  Do you ever think that those negative Nancy’s might simply be jealous and/or uneasy because if you strive for bigger and better, they will be left in the dust?  To borrow from the Bible and paraphrase, darkness despises light, so by shining yours on others who don’t feel the same way, discomfort results.

Shine on Betwixters.  If ever there was a time to take a chance and really go for what we want, it’s now before we feel so steeped in ‘responsibility’ that we feel trapped.  To get on my soap box for a minute: let’s not allow Debbie downers to prevent us from reaching higher.  Step outside of whatever is holding you back.  Rediscover what you really want and go for it.  Who cares if we ‘fail’.  I’d say not trying is a bigger failure. In all likelihood, taking the steps to move toward your dream(s) should land you further along then you are now, even if you don’t ultimately reach that destination.  Allow the dream to mold and change, but at least go after it wholeheartedly.

Now I step down from my soapbox…

PS If you’re saying to yourself, sounds nice but I have no goals or dreams, please resort back to this handy post about sorting that out.


  1. Antonette, you get the award for most quotations used in a paragraph ever. I love it, though, because your thoughts have basis whereas mine are out of sheer opinion Thanks for sharing!!

  2. My dear, this is an absolutely amazing and on point post. I was looking for the “I like” button, but then realized I wasn’t on facebook… haha! It’s so true, though, that many of us, especially at this point in our lives, where we have to really starting thinking about being…dare I say it… adults have suddenly squashed our life ambitions! Yet, it does not mean that our lives are over, but they are just beginning. To tell you the truth, I actually think we are just finally reaching the maturity level to believe that if I do want to make a change in my world or myself, I can’t wait on anyone else but myself to go forward.

    Before, it was, I was too young, I’m too little, I’m to this and that. Now that we’re bigger, older, and whatever the etc is, we should finally hang up those hang-ups and do it! To quote from an article called Nuestra Lucha (our fight), it says “We do not consider the University a center for professionals who upon graduating should slavishly turn themselves into social parasites that only increase injustice and domination; on the contrary, it should provide a source of prepared youth, dedicated with all their energy and enthusiasm, without personal interest, to crusaders for the common good, whether they be in medicine, engineering, education, or any other branch of human knowledge. And for those who believe in the word of God, He has already let us know that we can! To also borrow from the Bible, it says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. So hey, if I can do all things, then why am I not doing it? There have been too many strides, amazing inventions, and incredible discoveries in our lifetime alone for us to merely sit back and accept defeat of any size. Even Alexander Graham Bell said “there cannot be mental atrophy in any person who continues to observe, to remember what he observes, and to seek answers for his unceasing hows and whys about things.” So dream dreams, live life, be on the cover of Time magazine (haha!). Our time is now, so embrace it with full force.

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