When Life Hands You Lemons…

The old saying: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade,'”sounds nice, but how does that work in reality?  Today has turned into one of those days when the lemon tree must have shaken, and they all fell down on me.  Now what? How do I ‘make lemonade’, so to speak?

I understand the importance of not wallowing in tough situations, and even finding the silver lining.  But, how do you make good out of what is bad? Particularly when you feel out of control?

These are all genuine questions I’m asking to you, my fellow Betwixters. What lemons have you been dealt, and what did you do with them?


  1. In a batch of lemons, maybe one or two will be good enough to make a bit of lemonade. Just enough to give you a taste of hope and move you forward.

    At times, Life can seem to be a series of challenges or competitions. I’ve been a part of many, whether it’s piano, swimming, chess, racing, etc. I’ve influenced many wins and many losses. However, I’ve never been in total control as there were always variables I couldn’t predict, i.e. other people, injuries, questionable calls, track conditions, etc. If I’ve played well and lost, I consider that acceptable. If I sucked it up and cost my team the loss, that’s another story.

    Even when competing at the pro level it’s all about limiting your mistakes and controlling the things you’re able to. Of course every now and then you’ll make a good move that WOW’s people. That’s to be expected. Such as making the cover of a magazine. However, the majority of the time you’ll be focused on the task at hand and trying to limit your mistakes.

    If your foundation at home and in life is steady, stable and under control. You will have a great base to withstand most anything. At some point shit will hit the fan. If a fan blade breaks, just replace the fan blade!

    Hope you’re doing well and happy holidays!

  2. I just remind myself that I’m never REALLY in control and the lemons never REALLY exist… let’s catch up soon!

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