a southern belle i am not

After eight years of residence in the South, I can safely say that I’m no more a Southern belle today than I was in August of 2002 when I moved here.  This reminder was all too evident when I spent the weekend in Athens,  GA, home of the University of Georgia.  I’d heard a lot about how fun the night life is there, so I decided to see for myself.

After a solid couple minutes out and about, I couldn’t get over a few patterns.  First (and I don’t mean to offend any of you who went there), most of the girls are way more attractive than the guys.   Yet, the ladies still try really hard to look put together, donning heels and cocktail-like dresses to bars in the 100 degree heat.  The guys, on the other hand, have their jeans or khakis and tucked in polos and some concoction of a croquis (for the Northerners, those are the things that hold their sunglasses when they hang them from their neck) and/or a baseball cap (again, at night, in the 100 degree weather).  From my days in a sorority, we always said that there is a strange correlation between the dressier a girl gets, and the sloppier she gets when drinking.  This applies to Athens girls, as well, but this was no special occasion, just a night out.   According to this equation, since I wasn’t in the uniform, but rather in flip flops, I was able to hold my alcohol.  Also, because I was with a motley crew including a tatted up guy, a Filipino who looks Mexican, a gay man, and a bearded woodsy looking fellow, we clearly stood out.

Even the next morning at brunch, I showed up in jorts (my staple: jean shorts), and a ratty t-shirt and was so confused to see girls with their hair done, in dresses, and wedges.  It certainly allowed for some great people watching, but reminded me that while Atlanta doesn’t feel very Southern, I am, in fact, in the South, and certainly don’t fit in!

PS On an altogether different note, touching back on a recent post, today I got another $55 winning bid on Priceline. I tell you it’s the magic number!


  1. I agree but think there is reasonable limit to #2.

  2. From one former non-southern-belle-trapped-in-the-south (I refuse to be called a Yankee, especially relocating to NY) to a current, let me say 3 things:

    1. I understand your pain
    2. Having pride in one’s appearance at all times is nothing to criticize
    3. The grass really is greener…even when there is no grass

    Kiss kiss. See you soon!

  3. Go Dawgs

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