All in the Name of Research

After a slew of failed first dates (each of which could be a post unto themselves), one of my few single girlfriends and I decided we spend the week going out every night, in different parts of town, looking to meet new people and check out the scene.

Monday:  We started with dinner at a local watering hole and weren’t impressed by the lack of people out on a Monday. We bounced to a couple other local spots, literally walking in and immediately back out.  We ended the night a well-known, centrally located venue where we planted ourselves at the bar.  Thinking we’d just enjoy each other’s company since as it turns out, Mondays are a bust, I was distracted by a drunken 46 year old man who grabbed his waitress while calling her, ‘Pumpkin’.  I was so offended for her that I gave him a dirty look and went back to conversation.  In his stupor, he must have mis-read it as flirtation, so he came over to try his hand at hitting on us (both).  Hoping to get him to go away, we told him we were on a date and he was interrupting it.  How stupid we were since that only made him want to know more and stick around asking, ‘Oh! J-Date? How’s it going?’.  After additional efforts to have him depart, his friends took him outside to smoke.  My friend went to the bathroom leaving me alone to his annoying advances and questions about my ‘lesbian date’.  Fortunately, one of his friends came over and turned out to be a fabulous gay man, and as it turns out, the other man in their group was his husband.  Needless to say, he sat down and we were instantly friends, together making fun of drunk, straight, married, awkwardly flirtatious guy.  To wrap it up, we ended up having a great time with the gays in the group, one of whom was literally named Mr. Boring (perhaps why he dressed like Charles Dickens to try to prove that he was, in fact, interesting),  and wrapping up our evening around midnight.

Tuesday:  Raring to get out and make night two equal to or greater than night one, we set off for the opposite side of town to meet a couple friends. We began later this time, around 10:30, hitting a Friday night favorite lounge to see what it’s like on a weeknight.  To our dismay, it was loud, smoky, and basically empty.  We crossed the street to a smaller bar, sat at a booth, enjoyed some boiled peanuts and conversation, and learned our lesson that you can’t meet new people if you’re holed up in a booth.  That night ended around 1, down but not out!

Wednesday :  Pretty tired from the previous late night and from working all day, I mustered up the energy to meet another group of friends at an old favorite Mexican restaurant/bar.  After some good laughs and catching up with the out-of-town buds, the group split, half of us going elsewhere to meet some old college friends.  Hoping to make it to an alleged ‘Karaoke night’, it turned out it wasn’t happening.  So, we opted to play some photo hunt and bar hop a little, resulting in the genius idea that we should go to our favorite weekend spot on a Wednesday and dance the night away. This decision was made at 12:30. A couple hours of dancing in a packed bar/club made me pleasantly surprised that Atlanta’s Wednesday night scene was alive and well. It also made me wonder if anyone has a job.  By 2:30, with the pending alarm clock ringing in my head, we called it a (fun) night and went home.

Thursday: Last weeknight and thus, the last day of our ‘research’.  Off we went around 6 to a local brewery for trivia.  Of the mindset that guys like beer (and that our friends would be there), it sounded win-win.   In reality, the crowd was mostly full of couples and of people who could knowledgeably answer questions about Senate races in the 50s.  From there, off we went to dinner, eating a vat of queso to quench our hunger during the hour-long wait. Leaving dinner around 10:30, with the best of hopes of going out, we ran home to regroup and hang out with some visiting friends for a bit.  Fast-forward to me looking at my watch and noting that our ‘hang out’ took us to 2:30am, thus ending our week or research.

So, needless to say, we met very few new people, but more importantly, had a great time!  I think it’s interesting to note that in every single one of these situations, not a single adult beverage was consumed by yours truly.  I’m not too sure I could have survived if it had.

I can’t say I would recommend going out every night of the week when you’re also working every day, but it was a fun challenge and a great way to close out 2010.  Here’s to 2011, Betwixters!

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  1. I’m exhausted just reading about your week! Sounds like great fun though!

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