Since I’m too busy to come up with my own topic for todays’s post… I kid. That’s my attempt at a introduction to an article from which I’m borrowing about how we all think it’s best to be ‘busy’.  I really relate to this criticism as someone who lives and breathes by my calendar.  I tend to think that life is about prioritizing your time, so the comment that one is ‘too busy’ is really just a statement of your priorities.

With that said, there certainly are conflicts that take us away from things we’d prefer to do.  Hell, for some people, going to work every day is only a higher priority because of the paycheck.  But, at the end of the day, if the paycheck is the priority, it’s still taking precedent over what might be more enjoyable.  Thus, how we spend our time, even if it’s not our ‘preference’, comes down to priorities.  In this case, money would be the priority over enjoyment (while for some, like the author, that is flipped around).

I appreciate the author’s commentary because I tend to dislike when people tell me they’re busy, primarily for the reasons previously stated.  So, I try to refrain from using the comment myself.   Don’t get me wrong.  There are certainly times when I feel pressure from an overbearing schedule, but generally, it comes down to choices and I try to choose not to let ‘busyness’ (not to be confused with business) get the best of me.

Take note the next time you say you’re “too busy”.  Are you comfortable with what you’re really implying: that the other thing is less important?

If you’re not too busy to have made it to the end of this post, maybe you’re on the right track 😉