Bring Back Our Childhood Favorites

Have you ever noticed the power that exists in a conversation about TV shows from our childhood?  I’d imagine you’ve been a part of such a conversation at one point or another, but if you haven’t try this:

In a group of people whom you’d consider peers, bring up some of your favorite shows from childhood.  The simple name drop of “Saved By the Bell”, “David the Gnome”, “Salute Your Shorts”, or “Zoobilee Zoo” will create an excited frenzy whereby suddenly even the quietest person in the group will be reminiscing with you and throwing out another great like “Fraggle Rock”. It’s amazing how long this conversation will string along and how many happy memories it will illicit.  Sometimes it will even include a sing-a-long of the theme song.

It simply comes down to common ground, but I’ve always found it to be unique that TV shows seem to bring out the most fervor.  I don’t know if 20 years from now when we think back with our friends, if we’ll say ‘Remember those episodes of ‘Tool Academy?’ and start to sing the theme song.  Most shows barely even have a theme song anymore since sitcoms and scripted shows have become the exception rather than the rule.  I say they just recycle those shows so we can see them again.  Let’s get ‘Nick at Night’ to start a 24 hour channel that runs “Hey Dude!” and “Are you Afraid of the Dark?” marathons.  That’ll give the ‘Jersey Shore’ marathons a run for their money.


  1. @Grace – the antagonists on Fraggle Rock were those Ogre Farmers, specifically the Son and the family Dog. They would chase the fraggles whenever they went topside. The only internal conflict were typical family-style strife.

    I don’t think there is a qualitative difference between modern TV and shows from your childhood. When you actually go back and watch childhood TV, it’s pretty lacking. The primary difference is the emotional impact these shows had on you as a child, and the relative import which you attributed to these shows. If anything, I think TV (outside of reality TV) has gotten better, because it is now more revered and accepted as a legitimate artistic medium.

  2. Only a teacher frames a question in those terms.

  3. D, I’m glad you bring up Fraggle Rock because this was a conversation I had recently – does anyone remember the nature of the conflicts on that show? Were they mainly internal, or external? If external, who was the antagonist? Wasn’t there a farmer. I know I can look this up, but I want to do it the old-fashioned way with some message boards and memories.

  4. The upside of “more disposable” entertainment is that its that much more… disposable. In essence, this means that the Spencer Pratts of the world will be easier to forget.

  5. Indeed, even when you hit your fifties, you and your peers will immediately identify old shows you once watched. For example, my generation easily recognizes the lines, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!” or “Pork chops and applesauce. . . .” (The Brady Bunch)

    On another note: The Bachelor finale is tonight!

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