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I’ll let you all in on a little secret: one of my goals is to one day be on the cover of Inc. Magazine.  This week I made one baby step in that direction, being featured in an article for the magazine.

To create a lofty goal can seem daunting.  But, I think they’re necessary to keep us motivated for things bigger than what we already know is possible.   This small accomplishment makes me think that it’s truly a possibility to achieve the cover one day because to even be mentioned in the magazine felt like a stretch.

I’ve talked before in this forum about my belief in goal setting and respectfully have heard responses from many successful people who disagree.  But, I think it’s tough for most to dispute that if we don’t dream, for what are we striving or for what do we wake up every day?  Perhaps a written or mental goal isn’t your thing, so let’s call it dreaming.

What are some of your goals/dreams and how have you begun to achieve them?


  1. Thanks KA! Much appreciated. Also, many thanks to you for sending K along last week. Hope we’ll be able to work together!

  2. Darrah, your feature is awesome! What a great example of how being willing to step up and take control of a situation pays off! Keep up all the hard work. As we’ve talked about before, some leads pay off right away, others take months or years to come into full fruition.

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