do i a cat lady make?

I’m a single lady with a cat. One. No more.

I have one cat-loving friend in Brooklyn (you know who you are) who urges me to get another cat to keep Chairman Meow company.  Without hesitation, my retort is an unquestioning ‘NO!’.   I try to make her understand that it’s a slippery slope and the more cats I amass, even at my tender age of 26, the closer I get to being a cat lady.

Another dear friend even sent me a board game called ‘The Crazy Cat Lady Game“.  Is this some sort of warning to head?

I ask you as my peers, when does one become a ‘cat lady’.  Is there an age window and/or a minimum of cats to be considered one?  Clearly I need to know so as to prevent said title.

Better yet- why can’t someone be a ‘cat man’.  That doesn’t even have a negative ring to it!  Or, why can’t someone be condemned for having too many dogs or rabbits?  Even those crazies who have a zoo in their house don’t have a derogatory, socially-accepted name to define them.

Just because I love the cuddly, independent-natured beauty of the feline, I have to be on the look-out for this social stigma!  Blast!

Chairman meow, this one goes out to you.  My ONE cat, and only cat.  Never a cat lady shall I be.


  1. What I appreciate most about cats is that they read your feelings so accurately.Then the wittle furballs invariably make you feel better :)Go Kitties!

  2. Oh jesus you’ll not belief that. This mindless cat actually farted on my arm!? I mean what is the matter with that!? I feed that thing and I receive this in return. I still can not belief that. Anyway, you’ve got some useful info there in your article. I knew Yahoo could take me to a few useful stuff today :). O . k . have to search for that animal now! Have a nice day you all!

  3. Says the man who speaks to bartenders as Yoda.

  4. Hilarious. Now I want to get more to make an entire board.

  5. My brother’s a proud cat lady, and he’s a 24-year old pro ball player. Be proud of the Chairman, but be weary if you end up with complementary CEOs, CFOs, etc that would round out the corporate litter box…

  6. There is a lot of Yoda/Yiddish sentence structure going on in this piece.

  7. Great point, Sarah! I think that the ASPCA should consider a serious marketing campaign directed at Betwixters.

  8. No worries, I’m also an unmarried 26 year old with a cat. Call yourself cat woman, sounds much more superhero badass.

    On a different note, I was thinking about this the other day. I’ve noticed that a lot of my unmarried friends are getting pets, ranging from fish to hedgehogs to cats to dogs, and while I don’t think this necessarily means we’re all lonely losers, I wonder if we’re on some level fulfilling a need to care for some other living thing. In college we all have roommmates and close, intense friendships- now more and more of us are living alone and circles of close friends may be getting smaller.

    Anyway, you’re not a cat lady!You have at least 10 years before that title.

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