When I was writing recently about our priorities changing with age, I wasn’t even prepared for the onslaught of domestic goodies I’d amass in 2012.  More so, I had no idea of the utter excitement they would bring me!  For anyone who knew me at any stage of my existence prior to the last couple years, I’d imagine this comes as a complete shock.  After all, I was the girl who was consistently begged to bring cheese and crackers to potlucks because no one wanted to imagine what I’d concoct in the kitchen.

So far this year I’ve accumulated a Dyson vacuum, new knives, a new memory foam mattress with 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, a crock pot and slow cooker cook book. Let’s remember it’s only 3 weeks into the year.

Funnier yet is how much I’m loving cooking with the knives, picking recipes to test in the crock pot, vacuuming my home, and can’t wait for the delivery of the bed so I can lounge around in it without guilt for 2 days.  Looks like 2012 is the year of domesticity for me, a sentence I never thought I’d utter a mere few years ago.


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  1. Love. 🙂

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