Don’t Take Yourself Out of The Running…

…Someone has to win.

This thought was made very apparent to me today when I was notified that I was selected as 1 of 50 Global Shapers to participate in the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland in January 2013.  To enter, I had to submit a 3 minute video (hilarity ensued as I tried to film myself) talking about my work to improve ‘the world’.  I shared about Finance Whiz Kids, my series of books that aims to teach kids the basics of financial literacy through stories. I talked about the importance of the world’s next generation being better-equipped with these basic principles about personal financial responsibility.

I had a several week period during which to submit my video and application, and put it off for a while thinking that out of the thousands of people who could participate and from whom they could select winners, why would they pick me?  Good thing I threw my hat in the ring anyway.

Today was a great reminder that our job is to make ourselves available to opportunity, to be our own cheerleaders, and that we should’t discount ourselves for fear that someone else will anyway.  Someone has to be the winner. Why can’t it be you?


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  1. Congrats, Darrah! This is an amazing opportunity, go you!!!

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