Food: The Recession’s Silver Lining

Sigh.  That’s my relief that a guest blogger has emerged again so I get to simply play commentator.  Welcome back Ian, a mid-twenty-something who’s seeing the silver-lining of the recession:

Two weeks ago I flew my father down to Atlanta for a weekend visit. He had not been to Atlanta since my graduation, and I was excited to show him the city. We saw the Salvador Dali exhibit (and agreed that the late works are somewhat repetitive), a live blues show at Blind Willie’s, and checked out the East Atlanta Strut festival with several of my friends.

The highlight, however, was Atlanta’s food scene. My dad loves to eat. Straight from the airport I took him to The Porter in Little 5 Points. Just a few short blocks from my house, they’ve got a phenomenal beer selection, grass-fed hamburgers, and delicious fries with garlic and herbs. The next day, at the Strut, we ate pork ribs and bbq chicken from a 16 foot smoker/trailer parked off of Flat Shoals. Later that night I took him to 4th and Swift, and we were totally blown away. “Do they have bad food in this city?” he asked. And that’s when it hit me: The recession has effectively eliminated 2nd-tier eateries! Finding dry chicken or mushy vegetables in your entrée is nigh impossible. As spots like Trois (French flagship of the Concentric juggernaut) and Repast (hidden jewel of Glen Iris) closed their doors, the rest of the city’s restaurants went into survival mode: portions grew more generous, flavor profiles more robust, and service more cordial than ever seen at pre-recession levels.

Note from Ms. Betwixter: While this isn’t particular to Betwixters, it is true.  And I must say,  Repast was my favorite spot and I’m still mourning it’s loss.

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  1. Atlanta’s highlight has always been it’s food. The clubbing scene is still mixed, some breweries are springing up, and in general the rest of the day/nightlife is improving.

    I was always hesitant to visit Trois specifically for the food, could be hit or miss. So what are your top three-five restaurants in Atlanta foodwise?

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