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Now, let’s welcome back guest blogger Margo who has some commentary on my Cat Lady post…

Workplace Cat People , by Margo

While Darrah spends her days denying her cat-lady status, I have spent mine pretending to be a cat-person. Why, you ask. Why does someone with a natural aversion to animals (not allergies, I simply prefer pets that do slobber or need to be trained, walked, and cleaned up after, aka no pets) pretend to love them?

The simple answer is work. In that 6-minutes pre-meeting-awkward-conversation-time, I have watched discussions flow from innocent ice-breaker to full-on cat-talk. Perhaps, it is my office. Regardless, everyone but me seems to have cats. People go on for what seems like hours discussing the latest cat-toys, exchanging behavioral tips, and bonding about the cute things their “little babies” do.

I regret not taking more acting classes for the amount of times someone has whipped out a cell phone and shown me a picture of something stupid their cat did that morning, like get stuck on top of the door, and I have to feign interest. Or those evil forwards with cat pictures and captions that aren’t funny (take for instance: http://icanhascheezburger.com/). Either way, as a non-cat or dog or any other pet-type person, I have been ostracized from water cooler talk unless I can convince my coworkers that I not only care, but am myself a cat-person.

(Note from Ms.Betwixter: I sincerely hope that I don’t fall into this category.  I will admit to having shown a photo or short video on my phone, but I try to keep it at a minimum.  My cat doesn’t even have any toys.  They make my house look messy.)