i sure hope absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Miss me?

I’d call myself a slacker, but the real cause of my lack of posting has been to the contrary: too much going on. After Atlanta’s ‘snowpocalypse’ and not wanting to spend any more time on a computer after craving human contact for four days, I flew to Baltimore to throw a baby shower (more china and crystal than diapers and bottles), and then back to Atlanta to make up for the snow week and get back in action.  (Yes, I realize that was a run-on sentence, but it was intended to help you understand how out-of-breath life has felt these days).  I decided to add more responsibilities to my plate (might need a bigger plate) like starting a monthly under 40 networking event and chairing my college’s 5 year class reunion.   Amidst all these goings on, I wanted to encourage all my fellow Betwixters that fun can be had, no matter how busy, in the most unexpected and inexpensive ways.

I know I’m not the only one who needs to pinch pennies from time-to-time, so I wanted to share about my most fabulous Sunday with my best buddy Mark, in case it might inspire others to do something unconventional and have a great (cost-free) time doing it!

Having a hankering to take some pictures, I asked Mark if he’d be up for an ‘adventure’.  Not to my surprise, he complied as well as offered a destination: a historic Atlanta cemetery larger than the biggest park in the city.  Off we went to walk aimlessly around and shoot photos.  We happened upon a crypt the size of a mansion and after turning every door handle, found one that opened.  We crept and whispered our way through every hallway and staircase, part scared and part invigorated.   Not only was being in this cemetery fun and scenic, but it was also perspective-putting.  We realized that as important as we think our lives are, it all seems so trivial when you see 100,000 gravestones of all shapes and sizes, not knowing anyone’s stories and for the most part, few care anymore.

Not wanting to let the fun subside, I told Mark I’d treat him to a late lunch at a cute European-style market to which I had a gift card.  We ordered up a nice spread and to our surprise, they couldn’t run the gift card and opted to comp our meal!  Free food definitely tastes better than food for which you have to pay.

Now we were psyched that we’d had such a lovely free day, so we couldn’t stop there.  Off we went to Mark’s to start a fire, roast marshmallows, and play the world’s longest Scrabble game.  After a narrow loss (I’ll admit it), we shared some left-over pizza, recognizing it was already night and we’d spent the whole day having a great time and not spending a dollar.  Pretty amazing.

Next time you have a day with no obligations, I challenge you to find creative ways to have fun like we did.  I’m looking forward to having another ‘adventure’ again soon.


  1. This was the best. The rest of 2011 has a lot to live up to.

  2. Sounds like an awesome day!

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