I had a friend in town this weekend who was typing out a text message and exclaimed, “Ugh! Even my iphone knows I’m gay!”  I thought it was a. hilarious, and b. true, so I asked him to explain to our betwixter audience. Read on to learn how this gay man’s phone outed him:

If you knew me, you’d know I truly have a love /hate relationship with my iphone, especially the auto-correct function. I think most of you who have iphones would probably agree that your auto-correct feature can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I find that auto-corret helps me about 90% of the time, when texting in normal conversational English, but when I start cursing, using colloquialism, and abbreviations (pretty much the staples of my day-to-day conversation) its starts getting a little complicated. “Shit” becomes “shot”, “bitch” becomes “butch”… you get the picture. For better or for worse, my phone really has adapted to my language and now doesn’t auto-correct my potty mouth texts.  It’s sad that when I type in ‘amaze’, it auto-corrects to “amazeballs”, hence the title of this post.  I do hate that it thinks when I type the word “me”, it autocorrects to “NE”, as if this queen ever gave out directions other than to go away.