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During my ‘adventure’ with Mark on Sunday, being in a cemetery naturally led us to discuss whether or not we’d want to be buried or cremated upon death.  Gruesome, yes, but also a realistic choice we’ll need to make.  At the time (all of 5 days ago) I wasn’t sure which option I’d prefer and brushed it off.

Today I’ve been faced with this choice again as I prepare my Will and my Advance Directive for Health Care.  I literally have to initial my choice:  _____ Buried OR _____ Cremated.

So Betwixters, I turn to you for your feedback.  How do you want to be put to rest after your final day?  I genuinely need some thoughts here, so please post your comments.


  1. First of all, I was happy to read that you’re doing an Advance Directive (that makes me sounds morbid and/or creepy). But working in hospice and ICU’s has really hammered home the importance of this- both from a personal perspective of being treated the way you want, and out of concern for your family, so they don’t have to make difficult decisions for you, it’s really necessary. But most people our age (and many who are older) just don’t think it’s important yet. So, good job 🙂

    Second, I’m choosing cremation- I’m just not that attached to my dead body. Hopefully someone will get some organs out of me, or maybe I’ll let some med students cut me up- then I’d like my ashes to be scattered in the river behind my parents’ house. That feels more like home to me than a box in a cemetery.

  2. i think you should donate your body to science (jk). i don’t know about cremation, something about being jewish and burning my body doesn’t sound kosher

  3. I would have chosen the cyrogenic freeze, until I heard the story about Ted Williams’ frozen head being tossed around. I say buried ftw.

  4. That’s so interesting! I love the idea of being a diamond and willing to someone that they have to wear me from that day on.

  5. If you’re Mr. Bigglesworth, then yes, they add an addendum.

  6. You should listen to the “Stuff You Should Know” podcast (the 2 guys who do it are actually from Atlanta) called “How Cremation Works.” We also thought it might be gruesome or boring, but Kyle and I listened to it on our recent road trip to Maryland and it was actually really interesting! My favorite section was the part on all the things you can now do with your ashes. I personally liked the idea of having your ashes mixed in with fireworks and set off. Another interesting option – compressing your ashes into a diamond. I wonder how many carats I’d be worth?

  7. Is there an option to be cryogenically frozen?

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