I’d like to welcome back a regular guess blogger, Margo.  This time she’s hitting on a topic for which I may need to enter a twelve-step program:

Have you ever become a victim of your own social calendar? You know those weeks. The ones filled with dinner dates and coffee dates and wine dates and that play you were excited about but suddenly appears unappealing due to the accumulation of laundry you haven’t gotten to and the workouts you’ve neglected.

Then a friend you actually want to see requests to hang out, but you glance at your planner to find that you aren’t free until two Thursdays from now and yet there is nothing between now and then that you actually want to do. I know I am not the only one who has found herself in this daunting position.

Recently, I made a bold and rather daring move that I would encourage others to make use of. I used the N word. That’s right, I said NO. It’s not that I have trouble standing up for myself or that I am a chronic people pleaser. It is that there is always an event that I am invited to that if I were to reject I would invariably burn bridges, step on toes, be forced to reschedule (delaying the inevitable solves nothing), or feel as though I am not evening out my work/life balance.

Suffice it to say that sometimes you have to prioritize yourself, even if it means committing yourself to a night of doing laundry, eating a pb&j (highly underrated), watching recaps of the Kardashians, and going to bed early.