It being our Independence Day, it makes me stop to reflect on freedom and what that means for us.  It sheds light for me on the fact that I take our freedoms for granted.  From the big to the small stuff, it’s important to stop for a minute and think about your life and all that we have to be grateful for which stem back to our basic freedoms.

I refrained from posting all year about a topic which is pertinent to many a Betwixer: roommates.  I held off because I was in a very unhappy and uncomfortable living situation with a roommate and since it didn’t feel appropriate to make that public knowledge during our year of living together, I held off on the topic altogether. But, now that I’m sans terrible living agreement and about to embark on a new and exciting one, in light of Independence day, I think about the freedoms that allowed me to have a roommate, to own a home, and the freedom to live with someone of the opposite sex are just a few.  And, the freedom to end a lease and get my happiness back is also to be noted 😉

I then think to another recent milestone in my adult life: paying my car off early.  I appreciate the financial freedom of that as well as the ability to have a car (especially in my public transportation-challenged city).

To list everything for which I’m appreciative as I reflect on the value of our freedom would bore you all and would be the longest post in the history of this blog.  But, I use those examples to point out how easy it is to overlook these basic things for which we could stop and grateful, but generally just keep going and gloss over.

So, today, on July 4th, I’m grateful for my freedom of speech to write this, and I’m grateful for my freedom of time to choose how to spend it, reflecting, seeing friends, and celebrating.   Here’s to hoping all of your lives are full things for which to be grateful, as well.