Over Christmas, I flew to tropical Indianapolis (sarcasm) to visit friends, and as luck would have it, my twin brother was also there visiting with his live-in-girlfriend’s family.  They’ve been together for over a year, and I’d never met her.   That’s what happens when you live in different regions and travel home on different schedules.

Since my dad keeps calling her my sister-in-law, and my older brother told me to help her pick out her wedding dress, I figured I should at least meet her.  So, we had the opportunity for our schedules to coordinate and we met.  It’s interesting to meet your sibling’s significant other after they’ve been together for so long, particularly when he’s there and you can’t ask any real questions.  All in all, I took away that she’s a nice girl with a good head on her shoulders: someone who would be an agreeable addition to once-a-year holiday gatherings, and seems to make my brother happy (or some neutral emotion since he doesn’t really have them).  It’s sort of strange to come to terms with the idea that whomever your siblings marry will be in your life, as well.  I learned that when my older brother got married (all positive), but had never really thought about it prior.  #quarterliferealizations