Recently I was watching yet another juicy ‘reality’ show finale on my DVR, when right as the conclusion was peaking, the DVR cut off. Same goes with some of my favorite hour-long programs that oftentimes get condensed down to 30 minute airings…perhaps the DVR’s version of cliff’s notes.

I’m known to say that I love the DVR because it saves me time from watching commercials and I can cram two shows into the time I’d watch one, but then I recognize that the amount of content I record far exceeds the amount I’d watch if I actually saw it in real time. Give and take, I suppose, because long gone are the days when I’d have to forgo some actual social event because the Project Runway season premiere was on! ┬áBut, also are long gone the days when I might catch a full show at that last critical moment when they just might happen to run 2 minutes over their alloted time and lil’ ole me is left to google the mystery ending.

Wah. I get it. In the big picture, this is completely useless. But let’s be honest, how many times has this happened to you?