This weekend was my alma mater’s annual Homecoming weekend.  I went to Emory University where we have no football team and our sports are D3.  As you can imagine, this made for a bit of a tough time in finding a communal reason to exude school spirit.  But, even with these hurdles, certain groups like Greek organizations, Orientation leaders, Student Programming Council and Residence Life, those who were involved (as the majority of the campus was) created an overwhelming buzz of school spirit.  Like many young people who graduated relatively recently, you miss the camaraderie and social network that the confines of your college offered.

Being back this weekend for all the festivities was so energizing!  It reminded me of all the fun I had and how many wonderful people I was lucky to know.  It also made me nostalgic for those days, wishing we could all get together like we did back then, but recognizing those days have past and we will all never be in the same room together again.

It was great to see how far people have gone in only a few short years.  It was even better to snap back into comfortable conversations with people who I’ve not seen since graduation.  It’s rather amazing how deep the bonds are to those with whom you’ve shared similar experiences.  I saw firsthand how this even correlates to those who span generations. My aunt was in town for the events as well, as she was honored as a distinguished alumni, and even with the years that span our experiences at Emory, we shared similar sentiments, having many of the same fond feelings for a place that apparently has a character so strong that it’s left a similar indelible mark  on both of us.

There is something truly overwhelming in the power that nostalgia holds.  Whether it’s a song, an outfit, a person, or a place, when you’re snapped back to another time, it’s rather incredible.