Oh Where, Oh Where…

…has the Betwixter gone?  Yes, I must admit, this is the longest I’ve gone in the 1.5 years of Betwixter history without posting.  If you look back to the last post about slowing down, it appears I took my own advice to heart.  Since that April 19th post and today, May 10th, a lot has gone on in the world: the worst hurricane to hit Alabama swept through and also impacted the Northern part of my home state of Georgia; The US government completed the mission set out by George W. Bush to kill Bin Laden; Coca-Cola celebrated 125 years; and many other things, big and small, occurred.

In our own little bubbles, it’s interesting to step back and try to get a vantage point larger than our day-to-day outlook.  One of the wonderful things about writing in the format is that it helps push me to look at the world around me differently and at times, more analytically. I find myself literally hearing things differently, as my friends can attest.  If you say something interesting that seems like something other Betwixters could relate to, my immediate reaction tends to be, “Can you write a post about that?”.  I also find myself taking note of some of these occurrences and thinking about how I’d write about them, which forces me to think outside of my circumstances a bit.

Even at the lady doctor yesterday, I sat in the waiting room looking at the  women there in different stages of life that came in and out.   There were young married couples there getting their pre-natal check ups.  You have the teens and young adults coming for their first ever check ups.  You have single 20 and 30-somethings  there for any number of reasons. Then there were the woman of the age of our grandmothers whose downtown areas you’d think go neglected, but apparently don’t.  I point this out to say, that having a vehicle whose sole purpose is to draw attention to daily patterns and occurrences, it makes you acutely aware of the world around you in different ways.

Because I know this forum isn’t for everyone, I’d recommend looking deeper at the moments that pass you by to see if there’s more to learn there than would initially meet the eye.  That’s one of the interesting things I find about the mundane tasks of life: if you look closely enough, they can actually be the most interesting.

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  1. Isn’t it great to actually enjoy the scenery instead of watching it fly by in a blur? In so many things in life you can slow down to go faster. Two of my great loves, racing and basketball, are perfect examples of wanting to go fast yet needing to keep it under control. In racing we say slow in fast out. It’s not about how fast you go through the turn. It’s about how fast you are between the turns. And in basketball as we play we tend to play too fast at times. We want to beat the defense instead of letting the game come to us. Even I at times have to remember to play only as fast as needed to achieve the end goal, to get a good shot in that particular possession. Every offensive possession that we can get a good shot off, I give my team the best possible chance to reach the promised land.

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