overwhelmed (in a good way).

People say that aside from your wedding and your funeral, there are few times when everyone you care about are is in one room.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say that’s the best way to describe last night, which was the first Atlanta Under 40 event, but it was similar.

It was the first time I’ve had my professional and social worlds so obviously collide, as well as to be in a room of 100 people where I personally knew about 80% of them.  Playing hostess and moving from person-to-person to welcome them, make sure they were meeting the appropriate people, and having a good time was both exiting, exhausting, and overwhelming (in a good way).  It felt invigorating to have that many people you know come out to support something you’re doing and have such positive feedback. Overwhelmed by their support is really the only way to say it.

So, if you were one of those people last night, I wanted to extend another thank you to you.  It means more than you know.  I could have walked into a room and been there for three hours with a handful of people, but instead, thanks to all of you, it was a vibrant and energetic space where everyone was glad to be.

Yesterday simply confirmed what I already know: that I surround myself with great people.


  1. Thanks Liz! Let me know when you want to start Miami/Ft Lauderdale Under 40.

  2. Congrats again Darrah!! So proud of you.
    Much love, Liz.

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