I’m not a runner so I have no personal knowledge of this, but from what I hear there are ‘pacers’, or people who help you to keep a good speed in relation to the  distance you’re going.

Some times I want one of those in life.  I tend to realize that it’s difficult to find and maintain a healthy pace. At times, life requires us to move at lightening speed, whereas at other times we’re not only able, but entinced to slow things down.  Naturally, I prefer the happy medium, but have trouble with the execution of it.

What’s challenging is that we tend to use those around us to be our unidentified pacers.   Admit it.  If you work in an office, wouldn’t you agree that you mold to the pace?  It’s like being on the highway and going as fast as everyone else so as to keep traffic moving.  For better or for worse, if you’re in an environment where others are always on the go or the opposite, are quite lazy, that typically becomes your pace, as well.

A better example: different regions of the country.  The South has a stereotype for moving more slowly, whereas the North is synonymous with a quick pace.  As a Northern transplant to the South, I have to agree that overall, there is validity to this.  It gives me licence to slow things down, whereas the second I hit the pavement in NYC, I have this inner urge to do everything at full-throttle.

It all comes down to the never-ending question I continue to pose about balance.  Let me know how you all tend to handle it.