Pandora’s box has been opened and with it, we’ve received this guest post to follow.  I recommend you read at your own risk as the content is a little graphic at times, but in all honesty, is something I know men and women discuss.  Our guest author mentioned interest in anonymity, considering the fact he openly admits to his knowledge of  “Sex and the City”, so we can just say, welcome and with that, sit back, relax, and enjoy:

“It’s my week between waxes and this asshole thinks I’m George of the Jungle!” moaned Samantha in Season IV (that’s 2001), when her paramour-du-jour demanded a trim job. At that time, prevailing ideas about body hair had begun to shift- but Samantha’s frustration (and Carrie’s sympathy) indicated that a failure to groom could at least be understood, if not condoned. Seven years later, savvy theatergoers noticed that her attitude had changed: “I could be on death row and not have that problem,” remarked the same Samantha in 2008.
Genital hair seemed natural at age 10 as we furtively pawed through Playboys stolen from an uncle or older sibling’s sock drawer.  As the ‘90s drew to a close, however, the aggressively hairy mons pubae that epitomized pre-worldwide web pornography began to disappear.  Moreover, attitudes changed: “unshaven” became synonymous with “poorly groomed.” Demand trended upward. Supply followed.
I’ve often heard women complain that men’s expectations, particularly in this case, are set by pornography. That’s only half true, because a curiosity only becomes an expectation when it’s regularly satisfied: most women balk at other deviances that, in the realm of pornography, can be considered more or less ubiquitous. Left un-catered to, such acts are relegated to the realm of birthday presents and bets, and never reach normalcy.
While I don’t consider vaginal landscaping an absolute necessity, it is awfully practical. Spiky stubble is pretty abrasive on your lips and face. Long hairs get stuck on your tongue and obscures your view of arguably the most scintillating aspect of the female anatomy. Furthermore, it’s as if the girl’s giving you a present- a sexy surprise on the same level as hot lingerie- just like finding $20 in the pocket of an old pair of jeans… but way better. Completely bare? Pragmatic. Landing strip? Hot. Little patch? Tastefully adult. I’m a firm advocate. Pun intended.

Note from Ms. Betwixter: If you’re feeling shocked or otherwise overwhelmed, I warned you!  Ladies, you know this has been a topic of conversation amongst friends (or significant others), and guys, I also know you talk about it (because you joke with me about it, too).  Great commentary anonymous guest!  Let the feedback commence!