When you’re driving, there are clear signals to alert you to slow down: yellow and red lights, stop signs, yield signs, etc. In life, those signs are not so clear.

I’d imagine this is a multi-generational concern, but speaking as a young professional, I’m coming to recognize how big of a challenge monitoring one’s speed in life can be.  Strapped to our smart phones, feeling pressure to ‘prove ourselves’ in the professional world, while simultaneously maintaining social relationships, community involvement, dating relationships, and/or family, it can add up to leaving you feeling rushed.

I’ve recently caught myself confusing dates/times/locations of events and meetings simply because I have so much on my plate, they begin to get mashed together.  I also find it makes it challenging to give any one thing your full attention when you’re constantly thinking about what’s next.

Stop and think about it.  Have you answered a call or email while reading this?  Has your mind wandered to something else you ‘need’ to be doing?  Mine has, and I’m trying to write it!

When was the last time you got through your day at total peace with how your time was spent and the amount that you completed?  For risk of sounding out-there, I strongly believe that the universe gives you clues about your life and how you’re living it.  I also believe it’s tough to catch those hints when you’re speeding through life.  I found myself stuck in traffic yesterday, ‘wasting’ an hour of time, wanting nothing more than to be home doing more work.  In that instant, I caught myself, took a breath, and recognized this as one of many moments I was being taught to be in the moment, relax, and that everything would work out.  I didn’t need to get agitated or rush, but to embrace that time for what it was.

I challenge you to slow down and see if you can still get the same amount done, but have some peace-of-mind while doing it.  On the flip side, I also challenge you to determine if you need to get ‘the same amount of stuff done’ in the first place.  With all of the demands on our time, let’s take control back and choose when and where we will place our focus.