No one likes to exit his/her comfort zone.  Hence why it’s called a comfort zone.

In these past couple weeks, I’ve been forced to do that daily in my attempts to win this grant contest.   First, I certainly don’t like to feel vulnerable, perhaps more than the average bear.  But, by putting my ideas and image all over cyberspace for people to critique, I opened myself up to it.  Next, I hate asking people for things.  So, having to nag my contacts daily for a vote definitely isn’t in my top 10 favorite things to do every day list.  More so, not wanting to have to look at myself or hear myself, I’ve now made appearances on both radio and television in hopes that the word will continue to spread.  So, in 19 days, I’ve long jumped out of my comfort zone.

Aside from being really tired from all the activity, I can say it’s resulted in my feeling really alive, like I’m taking strides to achieve something I’ve kept quiet for so long.   If I can parlay any of these experiences into advice for my fellow Betwixters, it’s to encourage you to try something new and get out of your comfort zone stat!