Most people in our generation are considered to be technologically proficient. Not me.

I was blessed/cursed with having a very technically savvy twin brother who would get frustrated with my inability, so rather than teach me, he’d do it for me. Thus, I’m fairly deficient at all things techy. All this to say, a. I’m an outcast, and b. I’m working through a couple issues on the site to get subscriptions, etc properly functioning, so please bare with me…and thank whichever higher power in which you believe for my IT Support/Web Designer (thanks Geoff) or else this would be a hot mess.


  1. Yup. The issue was more with the subscriptions, but thanks for pointing out how easy it SHOULD be.

  2. Haha d don’t you just type things into a box on here?

  3. Hilarious. Thanks for reading, PW! Maybe I should use you as my back-up IT guy.

  4. haha!! your situation may be better than mine – i know a GREAT DEAL about technology, but i have some sort of magical electro-man-getic force field that makes my tech FREAK OUT!!!! if i had a $.10 for every time a tech support person has uttered the words, “That is weird – i have NEVER heard of that problem before”….

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