The Importance of Great Neighbors

It’s about time someone answered my plea and offered to share her thoughts with our Betwixter community!  Welcome Melissa, a savvy young woman who’s traversing this stage of life just like the rest of us are: as best as we can…

As a single 27 year old woman, I often find myself putting together my own furniture, changing the starship enterprise on my own, hanging pictures, cooking for one etc. Recently, I purchased a condo and am, for the first time, living amongst neighbors with whom it is actually important to develop a relationship.  Living in a condo means lots of different personalities, so here’s my take on the different friends you’ve gotta make.

There are the gays who you want to be friends with because they throw great parties, love good food, and are always having fun.  There’s the good looking guy/girl that is fun to flirt with and look at but you stay away from because – well, as the saying goes, “you don’t shit where you sleep.”  There are the people you are friendly to but can’t stand because they are the complainers and are never satisfied with anything about the building or its residents – but you don’t want them to complain about you so you just put on a smiley face and wonder why they don’t live somewhere else.

And then, the most important neighbor to have – the platonic friend of the opposite sex to grab an occasional meal with, get some help when you have a maintenance issue that requires two sets of hands, or just hang on the couch when you are both home but don’t feel like sitting alone or going out. I am thankful to have found this person in my building because not only is he a decent companion for a meal but he has also helped with said issues needing an extra set of hands.  Hopefully, I won’t take advantage of him too much and he will still want to be my friend.

Anyway, just my thoughts on being single and wanting a little company every now and then that isn’t an awkward sexually tense situation and can be useful when I ask “Is the frame straight?”

Note from Ms. Betwixter:

I find this very interesting since I live in a 10 home community with neighbors who span from some whom I’ve never seen step foot outside, to young families, to divorcees, to one place that I swear is only for swinger parties.  Guess I’ll have to call on your platonic friend to come across town and help me when I need a handyman, since none of my neighbors are carrying that title.

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