the importance of nice.

Are you one of those people who thinks ‘the nice guy/girl finishes last’?  Or who thinks you can’t be nice in business and succeed?

I had an interesting meeting with a very powerful man today whose Rolodex includes past Presidents and other dignitaries. He shared with me how he truly believes that those who succeed (and remain on top) are nice.  Bottom line. Certainly there are other factors in the success equation, but he emphasized nice.

Oftentimes this trait gets a bad rap.  In my sorority rush days, if someone described a candidate as ‘nice’, we cut them.  Our ‘rationale’ was if that was the best adjective to describe her, it really meant she was boring, and there wasn’t anything great to say, so they landed on ‘nice’.

Yet, particularly in business arenas, I’ve wanted to believe that ‘nice’ does work and better yet, is the way to be.  While certainly this one man isn’t the deciding factor on the argument, it was encouraging to hear him say that and to use examples of famous names he knows who all share the commonality of nice.

Be nice and prosper.

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  1. Great post, I agree!

    I’ve sometimes been called too nice to be in business or in sales myself…and it got me wondering…I realized that while being nice on its own is not enough, at the end of the day, niceness always worked out for me and got the deal done. It’s all about people interaction and being nice can help build trusting relationships.

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