I was that mean girl in elementary school who was oftentimes called to the guidance counselor’s office to ‘work out’ the trauma I inflicted on the other girls who wanted to play 4-square or kickball and I would allow them, but make them run and get all the balls while we giggled at them running in circles.  Or, worse, they’d want to be a part of whatever ‘club’ my friends and I created and we’d put them through the ringer of initiation only to later deny them.  So as not to too badly incriminate myself, suffice it to say, Rachel McAdams’ character in Mean Girls may have been loosely based on my actions way back when.

I indict myself because for any of you who know me now, this is no longer my way.  My M.O. is much more a ‘do unto others’ vibe, and less of one that gains pleasure from causing emotional pain to others.  But, there are those fleeting moments where someone sparks that reaction and it’s tempting.

One such instance was yesterday when I placed a call to a local coffee shop owner (he owns several and many of you Atlantans are regulars there) who was referred to me by a friend.  After what I thought was a pleasant greeting on my part, I was cut-off so that he could proceed to rip me  a new one, going on and on about ‘how terrible my phone etiquette is’, ‘who the f*ck is the person who passed me his information’, ‘what is wrong with me to think he’d take his time talking to me’, as well as a litany of other insults about my specific choice of words and phrasing in my introduction.

Being one who makes a lot of phone calls every day for my livelihood, it’s rare to have a first, but this certainly was my first tirade.   I was so shocked and angry that he thought that was appropriate that I swiftly typed into my computer ‘citysearch.com’ to look up his establishment.  Before the anger got the best of me, I noticed I was not the only one who was on the receiving end of his wrath, as there was a customer comment about how good the coffee is, but how rude the owner is.  In that moment I felt satisfaction and refrained from typing my own comment (although the nagging thought of ‘I could tell every person in town I know how terrible he is and make it a point to hurt his business’ was strong), and let it be.  I decided I may even send him a hand-written note, just to ‘kill ’em with kindness’ as they say, because clearly Mr. Coffee Shop Owner is not a happy guy and should lay off the joe and start sipping on some soothing chamomile tea.

All this to say, it would have been so easy to put him on blast on CitySearch, Facebook, Twitter, this blog, and through my network to ‘pay him back’ for his terrible nature.  But, I’m just going to refrain from bringing my business there and be glad to say that girl who once stood in the King space of the 4-square court laughing at those other girls running to get my lost ball, is now proud to say that if in the same situation today, I’d just make my ‘personal assistant‘ do it 🙂  In all seriousness, it’s good know we all mature as we grow up (hopefully) and it’s also interesting to note the power we do hold with all these technological resources and how quickly and severely they could truly impact others.