It’s been six days since the start of the Pepsi Refresh competition.  In that short time, I’ve already learned a lot.  Such lessons include pitching to media in a hurry, how to solicit help without being terribly annoying (only slightly), what it’s like to be totally open to public opinion (criticism and praise included), and best of all, the kindness of strangers.

It’s been really touching, to say the least, to have support from complete strangers.  At Starbucks the other day,  a woman interrupted my conversation and said, “I overheard about your project.  I’m a school administrator and I’d like to help.”

It was so nice.

She’s not the only one.  I’ve gotten emails forwarded to me about the willingness of strangers to help spread the word, too.  It really goes to show that people do want to help, you just have to ask and give them the opportunity.

Thanks to everyone for the support so far.  Win or loose, I’m already certain that this experience has been a growing one.  To all my fellow Betwixters, if you have such an opportunity to really put yourself out there, go for it.  It’s not easy, but certainly worth it.