I had the pleasure of catching up last night with a close friend.  In our conversation, she told me she calls herself the ‘marriage fluffer’ because after each of her relationships, the guy gets married to the next girl he meets.

I feel for her plight.  She’s an amazing woman who spends months or years with these guys, helping them to work on some of their ‘deal breaking’ flaws. (Examples include: fear of long-term commitment and alcohol abuse).  She lovingly puts in the energy to guide them on a healthier path, yet ultimately they break up, setting them free to meet the next girl, who inevitably becomes Mrs. ex-of-my-friend.

I’d call her crazy if it wasn’t true. It’s happened with 3 or 4 of her exes and causes one to pause and wonder: what is it about her that attracts guys who need to be ‘fixed’, get their tune up, and then move on for the next lady to get the spoils?

To my dear friend: Here’s a couple possible solutions…

1. Stop dating.  Thus, no one can marry your next ex, since there won’t be any.

2. Quit helping these guys who need fixing. Get out of there and let the next gal be the ‘fluffer’.

3. Don’t let me stop you from continuing to trust your gut and let your open heart help these guys out.  What do I know?