“Things I Wish People Told Me When I Entered My 20s”

It’s that time of year again when your schedule is pre-determined a year in advance by wedding plans for your friends.  Don’t get me wrong, I love catching up with old friends and spending a weekend celebrating two people you love, but I use this as the predominant excuse for my lack of consistency here.  Guess that’s just another part of the Betwixter life!

At one such wedding this past weekend, I was hosting a couple friends from college and one was telling me abou an article she read that had some good advice for being in your 20s.  Since my brain is fatigued from all the wedding festivities, I’ll just share it with you all 🙂

The section about friendships changing is one that I’ve pondered writing about here at length in the past.  It is certainly a unique period in our lives where we begin to diverge both geographically and mentally, and as a result, friendships change.  Generally speaking, I agree that is natural, and that there are seasons of time when certain people are meant to play the roles they do in your lives (and vice-versa).  If we’re able to come to terms with that, rather than clinging to what once was but no longer is, we’ll all likely be better off and be able to appreciate the good that was, versus the non-existence that now is.

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  1. Nailed it! (like usual)

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