VD: The overly used term at a dinner of 12 single friends for Valentine’s Day as ‘slang’ for the holiday.  Sitting amongst the couple-less on this couple-centric day, naturally the topic of terrible and/or weird dates came up.  It was comforting to hear how many others (male and female) had been on some rough ones as well as just plain strange.  A couple things that stood out to me (which are appropriate to share) include:

-One friend was asked out at a friend’s party by a guy who was earlier hitting on a married friend, and as should have been the result, found no success.  Feeling generous, she accepted his invitation which later turned into a legitimate invite for dinner at Chik-fil-A.  To make matters worse, she later found out that had she accepted the venue (they went somewhere else), he was going to have her pay for her dinner and offer her a coupon, just in case.  This came up in conversation (naturally), because he awkwardly asked her during dinner why she didn’t want to go there for their first date.  Fast-forward to the end of the evening when she was antsy to leave and offered to split the tab (which is generally part of the polite maneuver we make to offer, knowing they won’t accept), but he did accept.  Ready to get out of there, she said ‘goodbye’, followed by, ‘thanks for the half glass of wine’.

Note:  There is nothing wrong with not wanting to spend a lot on a date. BUT, there are plenty of ways to do it in a nicer environment (think trendy pizza place or something similar).

– One story included being duped into a Valentine’s date which included a driver, roses, ‘love mix’ CD, and all you can eat dinner.  I can’t say more in order to protect the identity of the participants 😉

-Scene: dinner and drinks on date one.  Your date orders several drinks over the course of the evening, so you do as well.  Check arrives, he takes a look….and eyes bug out of his head as he exclaims, ‘What were you drinking?!’ He subsequently continues to overreact and make his date uncomfortable about the cost of her house wine.  End scene.

-Another included a 40 year-old man who recently was baptised.  Each time he goes out with the girl, he invites himself over, and then as things progress, he tells her to stop and that he can’t let things go any further due to ‘his recent (3 years ago) baptism’.  This was all good and well, according to the girl, but she couldn’t understand why he continued to invite her over and continue down this path, always leaving her feeling confused and some times rejected.

Note: We all know the definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing the same way and expecting different results…

-Last story involved a suitor who couldn’t seem to get it through his head that wooing a girl doesn’t include texting her ‘hey girl’ several times a week with no follow up, call, or date suggestion.  The closest thing to it was a follow up text saying, ‘how about I come over later?’.  Sounds precisely like the recipient’s intentions when she doesn’t even answer to ‘hey girl’.

Time to go back out and do some informal research on great first dates, if only for the sake of balance.

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  1. Haha. Oh, man, I’m sorry I missed hearing these in person!

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