when did i become 5 years older than all the reality stars?

Like every other red-blooded American these days, I’m pretty wrapped up with the Jersey Shore.  I was actually late to an engagement last week due to my over-indulgence in a marathon.  (This feels like AA for Jersey Shore Addicts.  I’m a little embarrassed.)

While I’m being honest, I also regularly DVR “The Bachelor”and the “Real World”.  Don’t judge me.

It occurred to me during the premiere of each of these shows when they put the tag line under each character “Jill, Student, 19” that suddenly these reality stars are all younger than I am.  Since when are 19 year-olds allowed to drink, on tv, in a bar? Strange.

What’s also strange is that I enjoy watching these kids and slowly but surely feel like I’m out of touch because I don’t want to get wasted and black out every night.  Is there a point at which I should stop watching?  I guess there are reality shows for people my age and older (“Amazing Race” and the like), but I’m not into that.  Instead, I’d rather watch “Tough Love” and see 23 year-olds cry and whine about ‘not being being able to find love’, as if they’re so old and all hope is lost!

Since in the rest of my life I’m mentally the equivalent of a 45 year-old, perhaps this is a good counter-balance.  45 (mental age) + 15 (age I feel when watching these shows), divided by 2 (to get an average) makes me just about my natural biological age.  Harmony has been restored and I can go back to watching the latest episode of Jersey Shore…which is on now.


  1. Um, yeah. Even worse, I finally gave in and got on a wait list at the library for the Twilight book. I knew it was bad when I had to reserve it from the “Teen Fiction” section.

  2. Haha! I was having this same thought the other day whil watching both jersey shore and the bachelor. I’m glad you’ve reasoned this out and it’s appropriate.

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